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Helping you Create your Joyful, Flowing & Sustaining Healing Arts Practice!

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"For several years now massage therapists and healing arts professionals have been asking me how I built my massage therapy practice.

I have always been happy to answer their questions and support them on their path in any way I can.

At this time I am excited to be able to assist others on their journey with a much deeper level of mentorship..."

~ Stephanie Ellis, Healing Arts Mentor, Lmbt, E-Ryt

Mentoring & Coaching Sessions...

Healing Arts Mentor Sessions help establish or re-energize your healing arts practice at the heart & soul level.

Intuitive Life Coaching Sessions help you to take an objective look at goals or visions for yourself in the areas of health, relationships, career, a creative persuit, or lifestyle. Perhaps you are not sure where to start or you have simply gotten stuck along your way.

Let's re-connect with your vision for a balanced, joyful and abundant life!

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Continuing Education Opportunities...

Continuing Education Opportunities!

NCBTMB Approved CEs
for Licensed Massage Therapists

Business for Healing Arts: Create Your Joyful, Flowing & Sustaining Practice
One Day - 6 Hour Course

Ethics: Boundaries for Self Care in the Healing Arts
Half Day - 3 Hour Course

NCBTMB Approved CEs
for Licensed Massage Therapists

Thai Elements: Supine and Prone Table Techniques
One Day - 7 Hour Course

Thai Elements: Sidelying and Seated Table Techniques
One Day - 7 Hour Course

YACEP Approved CEs
for Yoga Instructors

Savasana Assists & Self-Care One Day Retreat!
One Day - 6 Hour Workshop

One to One: Develop & Enrich Your Amazing Private Yoga Offerings!
One Day - 6 Hour Workshop

More Great Things for You!...

Women's Empowerment Groups
Healing Arts Goddesses!

Opportunities to connect with other women in your field and related healing arts practices...


Exceptional Planner and Resources!

Anytime is a perfect time of year to reboot and get re-inspired about your healing arts practice! Who knows what fun and exciting elements of your business (and life!) are waiting to be discovered!? What are you most looking forward to this year?

This planner system by Leone Dawson has seriously helped create positive change for me and my business and life. To call this system just a planner is an understatement. It's really an amazing approach to creating, manifesting, and discovering practical ways of achieving what you have dreamed of most. Leone Dawson it a truly inspiring and generous teacher/guide/beautiful soul.

Please check it out. I look forward to hearing about your experience!

Clinical Aromatherapy for Your Healing Arts Practice!

Let's talk about ways to incorporate the use of UNIQUELY PURE ESSENTIAL OILS and other supportive products into your Healing Arts Practice and LIFE for your HEALTH & HAPPINESS!

Here is What My Continuing Education Students Are Saying...

"The class was ahhhh...mazing!!! The sub-topics were thought provoking and class discussions were insightful. Stephanie does a great job at getting you to do some introspection from a place of clarity, which in turn, cultivates an opportunity to grow your business in ways you may not have thought of. I definitely recommend!!!"

~ Jennifer Jackson, Licensed Massage Therapist
"Stephanie's class was so informative about how to increase business along with making sure to take care of yourself. From the guided meditations and yoga workout to the inspirational ideas of creating a wholesome business, Stephanie has created a wonderful class! It didn't ever feel like we were in "class" but more like a group of like minded people becoming friends! I would definitely recommend this class to everyone and would take it again with excitement!"

~ Beth Patrick, Licensed Massage Therapist

"The class was informative without being boring..it is important as massage therapists to care for themselves as they give to others and most forget..its also great to be inspired from a therapist who is doing her business and to learn and get ideas from her! I highly recommend the class to anyone! I will take again just to keep my focus."
~ Kelly Leonard Hall, Licensed Massage Therapist
"It is obvious that Stephanie has a "True Calling" to teaching.  The topics of the class I attended recently were related to Self Care and Business.  Stephanie's presentation of the class was a perfect example of the topics scheduled---the class participated in methods of self-care, as well as ways to use tools to assist in business.  It was a great balance---and a thoroughly pleasurable experience for all involved.  The class was inspirational and insightful and I've already incorporated several of the methods into my day.  I know that others will benefit from her classes as I have and am looking forward to attending Stephanie's classes in the future.  You will too!"
~ Peggy Barrett, Licensed Massage Therapist