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Helping you Create your Joyful, Flowing & Sustaining Wellness Practice!

Intuitive Life Coaching Sessions!

I have always been very intuitive when it comes to hearing and helping others figure out the best way forward, creative possibilities, and achieving goals and dreams.


I love to hear about what is going on with you today, where you may be a bit stuck or discouraged, what is going well, where you would like to be, and what you would like for your ideal life to look like now.


The intuitive life & wellness coaching services I offer are for those who may have reached a point of feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or a bit discouraged with their goals and dreams.


Do you have a goal or vision for yourself in mind, for your health, relationships, career, a creative persuit, or lifestyle, and do not know where to start or you have gotten stuck along the way?


What does your ideal life look like in these areas?


Would you like more tools in your "life's toolbox" for overcoming day-to-day challenges and stressors that often leave you feeling depleted? When we feel this way we lose steam for our own self-care and the confidence we need to realize our dreams. 


What we will embark on together are ways to help re-energize your vision for a balanced, joyful and abundant life.


Based on trainings I completed in 2016 (HeartMath Coach), 2013 (Self-Discovery Coach), and 2001 (Yoga & Lifestyle Teacher Training), I have developed a program to help you along your path.

This will be an amazing healing journey for all who choose to participate!

We will work with methods for building personal resilience, self-awareness, creativity and tapping into the intuition of our heart/mind/spirit for these following benefits:


Resilience, vitality and overall well-being.

Clarity of vision for decision-making, problem-solving and realizing goals.

Self-awareness and sensitivity to relationship issues.

Ability to maintain or reestablish composure, come back to your “true self” when you are feeling challenged or overwhelmed.

Ability to communicate more effectively with those around you for more beneficial outcomes for all.

Enhanced cooperation among co-workers and those closest to you in your life.



Worry, overwhelm, feelings of anxiousness, feelings of “not enough”, feelings being “stuck”.

Sleeplessness and fatigue.

Generalized stress and physical symptoms of stress.


Limiting beliefs that keep you from achieving your goals and dreams.


I will support you by:

Assisting you in identifying goals.

Helping to expand your awareness and identifying primary sources of stress that cause energy drains.

Introducing energy self-regulation techniques, guided meditations and other self-care tools for you “life’s toolbox”.

Providing strategies that help empower you to find solutions when a challenge presents itself.

Helping develop a plan to integrate resilience-building skills and self-awareness in your daily routines and offering objective feedback.

Tools to help you continue on a positive path and reach your goals and dreams.

Get in touch to schedule your next session: [email protected]


I look forward to working with you soon!

Stephanie Ellis, Intuitive Life & Wellness Coach, LMBT