True Calling - Healing Arts Mentor

Helping you Create your Joyful, Flowing & Sustaining Wellness Practice!

Mentoring & Coaching Sessions

As a self-employed massage therapist and massage therapy educator since 2007 I have always been interested in cultivating community among my peers in this amazing field. I also have a background in the arts and in promoting small business. As a creative person I am always looking for new avenues of expression and ways to balance creativity, lifestyle and helping others.

I love the freedom of self-employment and a career that truly helps clients/students find a healthier and happier path, whether it be with my massage therapy and yoga clients or with my work as a healing arts mentor/continuing education provider.

Over the years I have discovered a very special calling the assist massage therapists and other healing arts professional in specific ways with the mentoring program I have developed.

I am so honored and excited to be on this journey with you!

Wellness Practitioner Mentor

Through several coach/mentor training certificate programs I have completed in addition to my own creative inspiration and intuition, I have developed an excellent series of mentoring sessions just for you.

In these sessions we will work with the practical parts of growing a healing arts business as well as the energetic components that keep an existing practice JOYFUL, FLOWING, and SUSTAINING.

In our time together we will learn that one of the keys to success is cultivating creativity, self-awareness, and ways to move through the challenges that often leave us feeling depleted. We will learn about identifying and then committing to self-care and business practices for career longevity. 

In addition we will work to identify the unique skills and goals for one’s true calling and how to make it all happen on a daily basis.

Through establishing or re-connecting with positive mind/body and business habits that continue to inspire, participants in this series of sessions will re-energize their career at the heart/soul level.

Intuitive Life Coach

Do you have a goal or vision for yourself in mind, for your health, relationships, career, a creative persuit, or lifestyle, and do not know where to start or you have gotten stuck along the way?

What does your ideal life look like in these areas?


Would you like more tools in your "life's toolbox" for overcoming day-to-day challenges and stressors that often leave you feeling depleted? When we feel this way we lose steam for our own self-care and the confidence we need to realize our dreams. 


What we will embark on together are ways to help re-energize your vision for a balanced, joyful and abundant life.