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How I became a massage therapist...

Clients often ask how I became a massage therapist.


Since my early adulthood I have recognized and appreciated self-care and mind-body practices as an integral part of maintaining health and happiness. My journey to where I am now really began with yoga as a study of the self, mind-body connection, healthy lifestyle and just because I felt so great after each yoga class I took, refreshed on so many levels. My mind, body and spirit was uplifted and I learned something new each time I rolled out my mat. I eventually took a yoga teacher training course, started teaching and continued practicing yoga.

Some of the yoga centers where I was teaching and practicing were offering Thai Yoga Bodywork courses periodically with visiting instructors. I was drawn to it and curious. After my first 3 day weekend course I was thrilled. I could feel the benefits of this type of work as a blend of how I felt after a yoga practice compounded with how I often felt after receiving a great massage. Like one of my Thai Yoga Bodywork teachers says, it’s like going to yoga, seeing your chiropractor, acupuncturist and massage therapist all at once! Not to mention that the giving was just about as enjoyable as receiving with this type of work.

I knew I simply must pursue learning more and I really wanted to be able to offer Thai Yoga Bodywork to my yoga students and friends. Realizing that Thai Yoga Bodywork is a massage therapy modality and that I needed a massage therapy license to truly offer it to others, I began my search for a massage therapy program.

I ended up enrolling at a local technical college with student loans and there began my massage school journey. I had some fantastic teachers and learned so much about the body, massage and how it is all connected with mind and spirit. I knew that I was on a path that I truly loved and that I had developed a passion for helping others in this way.

I have also been sharing my love of yoga as a registered instructor since 2001 after incorporating it into my daily life for several years. To me the practice of yoga is the ultimate way to get to know oneself on a deeper level and maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I enjoy sharing the benefits of yoga with my massage therapy clients.


I became a massage therapist in 2007 with the intention of sharing it's effects of deep relaxation, pain management, improved posture & range of motion, improved energy, improved sleep, mind-body connection and overall feeling of well-being.  I feel that becoming a massage therapist was a natural progression and extension of my work as a yoga instructor.


For a few years now I have been completely self-employed with a busy massage therapy practice taking various courses along the way. I now offer Thai Yoga Bodywork as well as therapeutic massage and a few other modalities.

In 2016, I completed my Advanced Certificate in Thai Yoga Bodywork. This training was in addition to many other short Thai trainings and represents over 10 years of study. I will always continue to study, learn, grow, and share with you in whatever ways I can. It is my pleasure to offer Thai Yoga Bodywork to you!


With my yoga students and massage clients I specialize in attention to the needs of each individual with a focus on the whole being, regarding the mind, body and spirit as a whole.

My goal is to work with each client on a regular basis over a period of time to assist each client on their path of discovering their best self and balanced lifestyle.

Some of my over 3000 hours of training includes 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, over 200 hours in Thai Yoga Bodywork Certificate Programs as well as Reflexology Certificate, Clinical Application of Pure Essential Oils Certificate, and several other modalities.

I love learning and will continue to serve clients by being a life long learner!

In addition to working with clients and teaching yoga, I have also been a Massage School Instructor from 2009 to 2015. I love teaching, mentoring and helping to inspire others in the fields of massage therapy and other healing arts.

I am currently working with massage therapists and other healing arts professionals as a coach/mentor with True Calling - Healing Arts Mentor and also as a Continuing Education Approved Provider with NCBTMB.